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We use NLP based therapies and Timeline Change to assist the individual in dealing with a whole range of personal life issues.
These techniques can make powerful and lasting changes in even one session because they work directly with the unconscious mind.
This approach can be combined easily with Bowen Body Work to more fully address the links between emotional and physical well being.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?
NLP is a branch of applied psychology. It is a set of powerful techniques for personal transformation, and is said to be the most powerful approach to communication, performance and change that has been found to date. The techniques enable individuals to release unwanted beliefs/behaviours, and to assist them to achieve positive outcomes instead, through emotional state management and changing their own subconscious programming for the better.
What is Time Line Change?
All our memories are stored in our unconscious mind in saquence and around particular subjects eg. Happy memories, sad memories and so on. The way we behave in the present is often a reaction to our past memories and the decisions and feelings we unconsciously made or had in the past. All our decisions are stored in our Time Line and in Time Line Therapy the individual is guided to easily and effortlessly release the negative emotions and decisions which we had or took in the past. Once the limiting beliefs and the associated negative emotions are released, a person's memories can no longer hold them back in life.
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