Ki Massage Therapy
Ki-Massage is a deeply relaxing and healing experience as all the stress and tensions of the body are gently but deeply eased away resulting in a beautiful feeling of well-being, health and energy.

Ki means Life Force or Energy. Each of us has this life force inside us, it is the basic energy that is keeping us alive. This energy becomes blocked through tension, stress, worry etc., leaving us open to ill health.

Improve concentration with Ki Massage
Ki-Massage relieves tension in the muscles throughout the body, melting away accumulated stress. This allows the Ki or Life Force within you to flow more freely again, opening the way to a greater sense of well-being.

Ki-Massage is a therapy for more than just aches and pains. As well as being extremely relaxing, the flow of Ki from the experienced therapist will benefit the entire mental outlook of the person and extend into life as a whole by allowing the Ki to flow into everyday situations and relationships. Ki-Massage deals with the root cause of stress which physical tightness and tension are only symptoms.
There are many benefits of Ki-Massage:

relaxes the body and calms the mind
improves mental focus and concentration
increases energy levels
increases the natural healing capacity of the body
enhances recovery from injury
alleviates pain, tension, aching muscles and fatigue
improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, freeing the body of wastes
improves muscle and skin tone
Increase energy levels with Ki Massage
Relieve tension with Ki Massage
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