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The Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique is a highly effective, gentle remedial therapy, which stimulates the body to rebalance itself. It promotes healing, pain relief and recovery of energy.

A treatment consists of a series of light moves performed over muscles and connective tissue. Frequent pauses between sets of moves allow the body time to respond.
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Conditions that can be treated with the Bowen Technique:
Anxiety & stress-related conditions
Back pain, sciatica & spinal problems
Newborn baby problems (e.g. Colic, sleep & feeding related problems)
Digestive & bowel problems (such as irri-
table bowel syndrome)
Fibromyalgia, ME & chronic fatigue syn- drome
Gynecological conditions (such as heavy or painful periods, infertility & fibroids)
Headaches & migraines
Hormonal imbalances
Joint problems (such as tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, ankle & knee injuries)
Muscle stiffness
Post-operative recovery
Respiratory conditions
Repetitive strain injuries & carpal tunnel syndrome
Sports & Whiplash injuries
The Bowen Technique works on many levels, not only in freeing up the physical body, but also in helping to release cell memories, trauma and accumulated tensions and stress. By combining Bowenwork with NLP based therapies, Sylvia can assist people in resolving deeper underlying life issues to promote healing of both mind and body.
This is what some newspapers reported:

An article in "The Guardian" (Aug.11, 2001) reported on the surprisingly high success rate of the Bowen Technique for infertility.

"The Times" (Nov. 22, 2003) described the BOWEN Technique as a 'breath of fresh air for asthma sufferers ... suitable for children and adults for a whole range of conditions incl. asthma, hay fever, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine and stress as well as sports injuries and frozen shoulder. Pointing out that the technique 'helps the body to break the trigger that causes an asthma response.'

"The Telegraph" (Aug. 8, 2000) describes how reporter Sarah Lonsdale's hay fever symptoms disappeared completely after receiving Bowen for quite a different complaint, namely fatigue.

"The Mail" (April 24, 2007) reports on Adventurer Bear Gryll's experience of the Bowen Technique in helping to realign his body following the devastating parachute accident he had suffered 12 years earlier, in which he broke his back. Bear described himself 'as now hooked' and 'has treatment every month'. The article also points out that many professional football clubs maintain a Bowen therapist, as it has been shown to be very effective in realigning skeletal structure.
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