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Sylvia Braun
Through my work, I aim to assist others in releasing more of the innate potential which lies within, allowing them to bring forth their very best, both in a personal and in a professional capacity. This enables people to achieve greater levels of health, happiness, fulfilment and success and permits much greater freedom of choice in life. My role is to offer my clients a comprehensive range of holistic services and create a safe, supportive environment which facilitates healing, change and growth.
My career began in 1976 with 5 years in teaching, mainly in adult education, followed by 9 years working as a nurse within the field of mental handicap. My studies in this area led to a fascination with the concept of the mind-body connection and I began learning about the use of meditation and mental relaxation coupled with body therapies as a means of coping with my own stress. This soon led to my first professional qualification as a Ki Massage therapist in 1990 and since then I have been continually furthering my training and expanding and developing the range of services I provide.

Over a period of 16 years I built up a busy home based practice in Ireland, worked as a consultant therapist and yoga instructor for an award winning health spa for a number of years and laterally held clinics in other locations throughout the country. My client base encompassed a broad cross section of society for example, tiny infants suffering from feeding difficulties or colic, children and teenagers with developmental disorders such as scoliosis or learning difficulties, local tradesmen suffering from back pain, housewives with anxiety and depression, high profile athletes challenged by injuries, executives and business people suffering from stress related issues and substance abuse, senior citizens, people suffering from chronic illness and disabilities. In addition to working with individual clients, I also taught classes and workshops in yoga, stress management and self-development.

Since coming to Cyprus in 2006I have continued to further my professional development and have added to the range of services I offer, I have been engaged in providing mind-body therapies, coaching and yoga classes, I have created a personalised yoga retreat holiday package and self development workshops and courses and have taught NLP, leadership, communication, teamwork and stress management to international groups.

Over the years I have developed my own unique manner of tailoring therapeutic approaches to match the particular needs of individual clients. In my classes, workshops and seminars, I once again draw upon my extensive holistic background and diverse training to help facilitate successful learning.
I hold full professional practitioner level diplomas in the following:

Ki Massage awarded by the Irish Health Culture Association in 1989
Yoga instruction awarded by the Irish Health Culture Association in 1991
Holistic Dietetics awarded by the Irish Health Culture Association in 1993
Reflexology awarded by the Association of Reflexologists, UK in 1999
Clinical Massage awarded by the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine in 2001
The Bowen Technique awarded by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 2002

I have been initiated as a Reiki healer and hold practitioner level in Akasha healing.
I have extensive training in Mind Technology and Relaxation Techniques with the
Irish Health Culture Association.
I am a Master NLP and Time Line Change practitioner.
I work with Hypnotherapy and I am a Enneagram Practitioner.

For more information about the therapies please check:
www.holisticmedicine.ie  www.aor.org.uk   www.bowtech.com   www.makani.com
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